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Delivering fresh from the farm to the world

With operations in Canada and abroad, Sower International is both a grower and a distributor of fresh food and agricultural products, exporting a wide range of staples to global markets. The company also imports organic fertilizer for Canadian farmers. Growing, picking, packing and shipping fresh produce and related products are the specialized services that Sower offers to Canadian and international customers.

With headquarters in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Sower has built long-term connections with growers in both Central and Western Canada, as well as with brokers representing national and international agricultural products.

Joshua Kochath photoSower International is wholly owned by Joshua Kochath who is also CEO of Comage Container Lines (  Comage offers a full-service approach to managing cargo shipping needs nationally and internationally. Based in the GTA, Comage has branch offices and affiliates around the world.

To find out more about how Sower International can help you deliver or receive agricultural products for your markets, please contact us.




Sower International - bowls of fresh pulses

Sower International - Grains and Cereals growing in the sun

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